District All-Star Tournaments 

​Games Played June 18 - June 30


  Girls                                                                                                  Boys

  8-10 girls:  Lake Air LL                                                        8-10 Boys:  West LL

  LL Softball (Major Girls):  Lake Air LL                         9-11 Boys:  China Spring LL

  Junior Girls:  Lake Air LL                                                   LL Baseball (Major Boys): Midway LL

  Senior Girls:  TBD                                                                 Junior Boys:  West LL

                                                                                                        Senior Boys:  TBD

Texas District 9 Little League

Calendar of Events

Sectional All-Star Tournaments 

​Games Played July 5 - July 8


 - District 9 will be hosting all Girls Softball Tournaments as well as Junior Boys


- All games will be played at West LL Complex, 200 Tokio Rd., West, TX 76691

    8-10 Boys:  Abilene (District 5)

    9-11 Boys:   Dallas (District 8)

    LL Baseball (Major Boys):  Ft. Worth (District 7)

    Intermediate (50/70) Boys:  Ft. Worth (District 7)

    Jr. Boys:  Waco (District 9)

    Senior Boys:  Abilene (District 5)